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Prices are based on breed, size and condition of your pets coat. A coat in good condition will have minimal matting and a minimal to an average amount of dead undercoat. Up to 10 minutes of brushing is included when your pet gets a Bath or a Full Groom (Haircut).

De-matting is not included. Any additional brushing and/or de-matting that is done to achieve a longer hair cut or particular style will be subject to an additional fee, Extra brushing/De-Shedding is $10 per 15 minuets of active brushing. De-Matting fee is $1.00 per Minute of active de-matting

We are happy to give you a quote for services if you contact us. Please keep in mind this is only a quote and the price is subject to change depending on the amount of work and time involved.

Bath Service

Small $35+ Medium $45+ Large $55+ XL $75+

We will shampoo twice, condition the coat, clean the ears, trim the nails, towel dry and blow dry by hand. Up to 15 minuets of brushing is included with a full bah service. We finish with a fragrance spray and a bandanna, bows or a collar flower.

Full Grooming

Small $75+

Medium $85+ 

Large $100+

XL $150+

Full Grooming includes everything in the Full Service Bath and an Entire Body haircut. 

* Price is determined by the type/condition of the coat.

* De-matting, De-shedding and Special Handling fees may apply.

Shampoo Upgrades

An all purpose shampoo will be used on your pet unless specified otherwise. 

$5.00    Small to Medium Dogs

$10.00    Large Dogs

$15.00  XL Dogs / Large Dogs with long hair or double coats

Oatmeal Shampoo

For the itchy scratchy pet or the pet with dry flaky skin.

Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo

For the itchy scratchy pet with hot spots, sores or yeast.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint Shampoo

Deodorizing for the stinky, smelly and greasy pet.

Green Tea DE-SHED Shampoo

Helps control shedding by loosening dead hair and undercoat.

Whitening Shampoo

Makes white coats look brighter and helps remove stains and discoloration.

Highlighting Shampoo

Brings out the natural luster and highlights of all coat colors.

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Gentle cleansing for the most sensitive pets. 

Pesticide free Flea & Tick Baths

Pets with Fleas and or Ticks WILL get a flea bath. Pets with Ticks will have the Ticks removed and the Tick removal fee will be applied. Sorry, no exceptions.  

$10.00   Small Dogs.

$15.00   Medium Dogs

$20.00   XL/Large Dogs

$5.00*   Extra for double coated Dogs

$1.00     Tick Removal/per tick

Other Special services & Products

$15.00 - Nail Trim Only

$8.00 - Nail Sanding/Buffing with purchase of Bath or Full Groom.

$4.00 - Soft Paws Treatment

Moisturizes ruff tired paws and softens elbow calluses too.

$4.00 - Deep Ear Cleaning

A gentle, alcohol free ear cleaning solution that loosens and removes buildup deep in the ear canal.

$5.00 - Fresh Breath Treatment

Teeth Brushing with toothpaste and finished with doggy breath drops.

Area Trims

$5.00 - Vision Trim

$5.00 - Sanitary Trim ( butt only )

$8.00 - Full Sanitary Trim

Inside of rear legs, under the tail, and the belly area for the boys or the choo cha for the girls.

$7.00 - Foot Trim ( Top & Bottom )

Other Areas - Please ask about prices for areas not listed.  

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